Thursday, July 7, 2011

Shrimp Farm Opens In Las Vegas

Today Ganix Bio Technologies opened a Shrimp Farm in North Las Vegas, that's right the gnome said a shrimp farm! It's the first of its kind in the United States. Around 90 percent of the shrimp eaten in Las Vegas come from Southeast Asia and China. "We consume more shrimp per capita in Las Vegas than anywhere else in the world -- 22 million pounds of it annually," said Greg Orman with Ganix Bio Technologies. The gnome loves this!!! This is a very green! Transporting shrimp or any food for that matter halfway around the world for us to eat is stupid. Industrial farming techniques will have to change dramatically for us to survive in the future. The North Las Vegas farmed shrimp will make it's restaurant debut at Mandalay Bay restaurants. Their maximum production will be 450,000 pounds a year, and Las Vegas consumes 22 million pounds annually. BUT THE GNOME THINKS ITS A GREAT START!!!


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Global Climate Change NOT Global Warming

OK the Gnome will never say the words Global Warming ever again! The scientist' that coined this phrase should be smacked! The proper saying should be Global Climate Change not Global Warming! When the media and scientific community use the words Global Warming it paints a picture in the general public's mind that every year that goes by our weather should be getting warmer. This is true on a global sense the planet is getting warmer, but this is not what we see in our every day lives locally. What we see locally are crazy weather patterns. I live in Las Vegas this year it snowed at my house in April! (record). It didn't reach over 100 deg. until this week (second latest all time). There's still snow to this day on Mt. Charleston (the gnome has never seen that here ever). Now when we have these types off weather patterns the non believers in Global Climate Change stand up and say SEE we've been telling you its not real its not getting warmer! Well thats all due to the fact that we have shooved and pushed the phrase GLOBAL WARMING down everyones throat. Giving the literal perception that the weather should be warmer. The gnome has often heard a phrase that preception is 9/10th of the law or reality. In this case the perception is not the reality. So the gnome is going on record asking EVERONE to stop using the phrase Global Warming and insted please say Global Climate Change!

Ask the people of Joplin if they believe in Climate change! or the thousand more effected this years by the crazy weather patterns!
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