Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What does Collapse of Entertainment Indusrty Mean for the Green Movement?

In case you haven't noticed many forms of Entertainment are on the brink of collapse and moving forward will have to be green in order to survive.


Most experts are predicting that allot of Hollywood studios will be out of business within the next few years. There is going to less movies made per year and movies will be made for allot less money. This is all do to downloading on the Internet and a lagging economy. Although movie attendance is up for the first time in years the bread and butter of the industry DVD sales is down by half. Hollywood is responsible for 250,00 jobs and pumps 30 billion into southern California each year. Hollywood has been slow to embrace the Internet and allow recent releases to be downloaded legally online. This will have to change moving forward if Hollywood is to survive.


Now as for TV they are in more trouble than the movie industry. NBC put Jay Leno on 5 nights a week in prime time, not because they were hoping it would be a ratings boost they did it to save money. NBC could not afford to put on any more prime time drama's. This is the same across all the television networks. Advertisers are running from TV at an alarming rate. This is all do to the Internet again sites like YouTube and Hulu witch are taking the audience away from TV. Today 25% of all 18-35 year olds now watch TV shows via the Internet. They are being killed by their own success with so many cable channels out there now their audience has been spread to thin and it is no longer a place where advertisers want to spend money. They will have to make big changes moving forward in order to be successful.

Newspaper and Print Magazines

This industry is in the most trouble of all and is going to collapse. This years closing of the Rocky Mountain News in Denver says it all. This paper has been around for 150 years. The majority of ALL newspapers will be put of business in the next few years with only a small handful of them will staying in print at least for the next decade. This again is because of the Internet and 24 hour news channels. Today we don't find out about news the news finds us via social media, YouTube, and blogs. This medium will die moving forward and there is no stopping it. Their only hope is with online subscriptions and products like Kindle.

Paperback Books

This industry has been hurting for years do to changes in media in general TV and movies have crushed this medium. But there are charged for a comeback with advent of products like Kindle and the affiliate sales of Ebooks online. Going digital has made them very cheap to own and produce witch makes them very competitive with other mediums moving forward.


This industry almost went under a few years ago, but has since embraced the Internet and is now learning new ways to make money. I-tunes is now the worlds largest music retailer selling more music than Wallmart. This industry has already made some the changes it needs to be successful moving forward, besides their bread and butter is still in live concerts and with companies like Reverb even they are becoming more green.

What does all this mean?

I'm sure your wondering what does all this mean in relation to being Green? Well everything the Entertainment industry is the first major industry forced to go green because of the Internet. When was the last time you went to the music store and purchased a CD? its been years for me.
With that being said lets imagine the future of Entertainment in a Green Economy:

Imagine a world with NO CD's, DVD's, Newspapers, Magazines, and Paperback Books.

Just think of all those million of tons plastic and paper not being used. The CO2 savings will be tremendous.

The Gnome is asking you to support all forms of digital media
and give thanks to the Internet for showing us a ways to become more green and still have our Entertainment.


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  1. A world without books seems pretty sad. Even though it's not very green, there's something about having a physical object and turning the pages that the Kindle just doesn't have.


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