Thursday, October 8, 2009

Americans Waste Energy in Their Sleep

That's right! Americans aren't happy with just wasting resources during the day we have to do it while we SLEEP. A recent pole found out that more than 52% of all Americans watch television for 2 hours right before they sleep and over half of them fall asleep with the TV on. So that means that 1 in 4 Americans are leaving the TV on all night(I believe that this number is much higher depending on the demographic). Now in the past I was the worst at this. I had to have TV on to fall asleep and it stayed on all night! That's right the Gnome was a late night eco-terrorist. TV has become the single most important single for us to sleep. Most TVs use about 80-400 watts of power per hour and that's just our TVs how many other things do you think we leave on in our sleep? I'm sure its just everything in homes that have an on/off switch. Not to mention all of our electronics devices that draw energy just being plugged into the wall. We will talk about how to UNPLUG your house in later post. For now lets just look at how ways we can get that TV off while we sleep.

The fastest and easiest way to get still get your TV fix and have it OFF during the night is to use that little magic button on your remote that says sleep. That's right there is a way to turn your TV off while you sleep. This how I broke my habit. Set the timer the second you get into bed fall asleep and wake in the morning with the TV OFF!

Here are some other things you can do to help induce sleep instead of using the TV.

1. Read
2. Yoga
3. Meditate
4. Write down all your plans for the next day
5. Have SEX! (the gnomes personal favorite)

Remember being Green usually comes down to making smarter choices in our everyday lives. If we all make these changes we can save this planet for future generations.


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