Saturday, October 10, 2009

The United States of the Moon?

Yesterday NASA spent 79 million dollars to crash a spacecraft on the moon. The questions I'm sure you have is why and what does it have to do with environment? Well NASA's cover story is that they are looking for ice on the moon for future moon colonies to sustain life. This true, but why does NASA and the U.S. want to colonize the moon? NASA would say to develop the technology for a maned mission to Mars. This is not true the real reason is ENERGY. The moon has enough energy to provide the U.S. with power for more than 1000 years. The U.S. energy needs are expected to increase eightfold by 2050 as the world population swells to 12 billion. It might take the world a couple hundred years before we become completely sustainable. So scientist are working on perfecting on using Helium-3(He-3) with a form of fusion to make electricity. Imagine having a nuclear power plant that would have no radiation emit no greenhouse emissions and no waste! You could built a power plant in Central Park and it would be perfectly safe. Helium-3 has the cash value of 4-8 billion per ton depending on the price of oil. That's more than 100,000x more valuable than GOLD!

So in the future you will see rockets blasting off with Exxon(if not them some other energy company) written on the side of them. They would be going there to strip mine the lunar surface where Helium-3 is abundant. This will be a truly SAD day because it will mean that us environmentalist have FAILED!



  1. I just wonder where humanity is going if we think its okay to bomb the moon.....

  2. Well, i do not know that it means we failed as environmentalists. I actually think it is a good idea in some ways, to colonizr=e and mine the moon. There is no habitable areas on the moon as it stands. So no life would be destroyed. Vacationing there would be like going to an extremely cold version of the Sahara desert. No body will bomb the moon until there is a relatively large military outpost there which could be seen as a viable threat too whomever it is that would bomb the moon.

    Otherwise this was a fairly interesting post and I will now follow your blog.

  3. Has anyone seen what happens to the moon in the movie Time Machine, based on H.G. Wells book?

  4. yep they blew the moon up trying to mine it


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