Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Is the World Series Green?

With the start of the World Series today also basketball season starting yesterday and this being the only time of the year when all 4 major sports are in swing. I wanted to take a look at sporting events form an environmental point of view. The act of attending a sporting event is not a very green activity in general since it is just for entertainment purposes only and is not a necessary part of our lives. But millions of people attend these events year after year and the gnome likes them to. Sports play a very important part in millions of lives and contribute to the economic and mental stability of several cities world wide. So with that being said here some things you can do when you go to the ballpark that will lessen the environmental impact of attending them:

1. Take public transportation.

2. Don't eat any meat products while at the event(the Gnome will cover why meat is not green in later post).

3. Make sure all your trash ends up the stadium recycling bins.

4. If your drinking beer or soda bring your cup back and have them refill it.

5. Use GoJo or any other waterless hand washing soap use it when going to bathroom (that is if your stadium has them).

If you do all these things you can have pretty environmental guilt free day at the ballpark or event. Also if your local stadium is not recycling or does not have a Green Initiatives program like the new Yankees stadium then write a letter demanding that your stadium do more for the environment. The gnome will talk more in later post about what more stadium owners and event organizers can do to really make all events super green.


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