Friday, October 9, 2009

Can Tinker Bell Save the Planet?

Last week the U.S. add council and the Department of Energy announce that they would be doing more adds using Tinker Bell as there sales person. In case you have been living under a rock Tinker Bell and her fairy friends have 2 commercials in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Energy. Their official statement for doing these adds is "To create an energy ethic for future generations". WOW! With the most important issue facing mankind socially, economically, and environmentally the government turns to Tinker Bell!..What? Maybe its because Tinker Bell has a new movie coming out "Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure" so the government got her rights from Disney for free. So when it comes to saving the planet it seems the government wants to save money too! There won't be any future generations if this generation doesn't make huge changes now! The add executives should all be fired! Can you see a mother her child at Wallmart buying light bulbs and the child saying to the mother "No mom Tinker Bell said to buy the energy efficient ones" I think not. The American public only makes changes in 2 ways one is fear and the other is greed. So maybe they should try scaring people with commercials saying this "Buy energy efficient products now or your grandchildren will die" or "Don't eat meat or you and your kids will get H1N1". I know those sound crazy, but I think I made my point. So how about using greed?
Maybe we can get the ShamWow guy (wait hes in jail for punching a hooker in the eye,lol) to do an info commercial selling us CFL's and LED lights I bet the American people would buy them up! Or maybe its just as simple as giving the American people a tax break for the amount of power they consume each year. We would just turn in our power bill with our tax returns and the amount of the tax break would vary depending on how much energy we consumed! Or maybe we should be teaching sustainability in our high schools and not just in universities. Sounds so simple but instead our government is wasting millions of dollars running useless television adds with Tinker Bell, unreal.

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