Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blog Action Day:Obama Plays Poker with the Planet

Today is Blog Action Day and I'm supposed to write and article on climate change, but instead of looking in depth at what climate change is and what the negative effects are I wanted to look at why nothing is being done to stop Climate Change in Washington. Right now President Obama is playing poker with the planet! That's right, last night it was reported on CNN that the Obama administration has bet everything on heath care reform. The argument was that heath care reform is Obama's Waterloo and if he fails his administration will not be able to take action on any other major issues such as Climate Change, gay rights, and immigration. I believe this to be true because success equals power and power equals change. Remember this is the first President we have had that actually believes in Climate Change and that human activity is directly causing it. In the past the politicians have failed time after time to do the right thing when it comes to issues that effect Climate Change(just ask any livestock or oil lobbyist they will laugh every time the word Climate Change is even mentioned). The fact that the entire planets future may depend on what happens in the American political arena blows me away. This all-in move by President Obama is not OK with me because hes gambling with my child's future. If Climate Change continues to go un-checked the effects to mankind will make heath care reform look like a joke.

A recent survey American Climate Values Survey (ACVS) conducted by the consulting group EcoAmerica found that only 18 percent of survey respondents strongly believe that climate change is real, human-caused and harmful. WOW! So if you are non believer just look at the picture to the left(1979 on top 2008 on bottom) and common sense will tell you that the polar ice caps disappearing is a very bad thing. This ice has been there for thousands if not millions of years and is the planets thermostat. If Climate Change continues it will effect EVERYTHING! I will cover the cause and effects of Climate change in later posts, but for now if you are reading this and have only been involved in environmental issues or have not been involved in the political process at all UNDERSTAND THIS LIKE THE ENVIRONMENT EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED. Our political process may not work very well, but its the only process we have for change. So lets get out and support this President on heath care reform so he can move onto more important things like Climate Change!

Green Gnome Out!

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