Tuesday, October 6, 2009

One Green Gnome Begins a Journey

I'm starting this blog at the same time I'm starting a new chapter in my life. This blog will be about one person search to become as green as possible. To transform my life from a non recycling hummer driving leave the lights on all night IDIOT into a person that keeps the environment in mind in every aspect of their life. My goal is to go from having the carbon foot print of Big Foot to having no carbon foot print at all. In this blog I'm going to ask what's green about certain things and what's not green about other things. I'm also going give you tips on how you to can be more green in your life as I discover how to change my own life. I believe that living a sustainable life is the single MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE FACING THE HUMAN RACE TODAY! Nothing else even comes close. So I hope you join The Green Gnome on his quest to find out how to lead a life that is not only sustainable and profitable,but without making to many sacrifices.

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